Domi at Burnt Tongue 16

Domi at Burnt Tongue 16

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[PANK] Magazine - "Green Man"

White flannel nightgown with tiny pink roses and matching rose button right at her throat. She’d rather be wearing pajamas with pants. She doesn’t have to tell me. I know what she knows. She wants it that way. [read more here]

Nailed Magazine - "Partial"

You are fifteen and in a required class, Industrial Creative Arts. Sixth period. You have been stalling since Monday after picking the floral stencil to copy, cut out, and sandblast onto the back of a mirror as a wedding present for a man who has been trying to fuck you since you were fourteen . [read more here]

An interview with Domi Shoemaker

My inspiration for "Green Man" came when I was taking a class at the Attic Institute with David Ciminello (thanks to a scholarship from fellow Dangerous Writers, the DW Army). We were supposed to write about something peculiar or queer in the class. [read more here]

Nailed Magazine - "Response: Gender"

The problem here is that, regardless of intention or origin, this pic exemplifies EXACTLY the kind of stereotype that is already out there, that gender is “just” a thing you put on and take off AND there is no way I would believe for a second that using a fat woman suit is furthering the conversation. [read more here]

The Manifest-station - "They can't erase our voices"

I wish I could say that this thing I wrote after waking at 2:30am to take my pain meds and check my blood pressure after a hysterectomy that had only been performed so quickly because I benefit from the Affordable Care Act was an act of true inspiration. But it is more than that. It is also desperation. I have reached maximum capacity. [read more here] - "Burnt Tongue: A Dangerous Writers Live Reading"

Local authors gather in the studio at Gigi Little, Kathleen Lane, Margaret Malone, Monica Drake and Domi J. Shoemaker. [listen here]

Print Publications

The Misfit's Manifesto - Simon & Schuster

A misfit is a person who missed fitting in, a person who fits in badly, or this: a person who is poorly adapted to new situations and environments. It’s a shameful word, a word no one typically tries to own. Until now. Lidia Yuknavitch is joined by fellow misfits such as Domi Shoemaker, to help tell this story. [read more here]

The Night, and the Rain, and the River - Forest Avenue Press

Domi Shoemaker joins 21 other authors in this Forest Avenue Press anthology curated by Editor Liz Prato, creating a powerful collection of smart, funny, sad, exquisite stories about the losses that shape our lives. [read more here]

Domi at Burnt Tongue 14

Domi at Burnt Tongue 14